Pro-Disagreement Tools

1. Top Ten Series.  Amidst so much anger and attacks (and so little curiosity and wondering), it can take work just to remind ourselves that legitimate disagreements actually exist (aka, between otherwise thoughtful, good-hearted people). Doing that is the aim of this series of documents, all of which aspire to help us “get our bearings” so we can lean into challenging conversation with a bit more understanding. This project formally began with a land dispute in my home town between a developer and local citizens. After coming together to jointly “map out” their disagreements, the joint creation was shared widely in the community and had a peace-making effect: Ten Disagreements: Foothills Development Dispute [1]

Here are some other lists created so far:

There are several other lists in development, including lists focused on climate change and immigration. If you would like to help refine those drafts, or suggest others, let me know.

2. Red Blue Dictionary. Ever notice how single terms (from “bigot” to “biblical” to “social justice” to “religious freedom”) have now become weaponized across the political spectrum? Joining together with a number of colleagues at the National Coalition of Dialogue & Deliberation, we came together with an all-volunteer, politically diverse team to create a term guide for hot-button political issues called the Red Blue Dictionary (now hosted as the All Sides Dictionary)



If you would like to support the editorial team in expanding the dictionary, let me know!  We are currently seeking funds to complete another 150 words in draft form right now. (You can only ask so much of volunteers). (:

Here’s our formal proposal requesting funds: A Proposal to Expand the “Red Blue” (All Sides) Dictionary: Seeking Supportive Partners to Help Us Increase Its Scope, Reach and Impact


[1] It’s worth pointing out that not everyone in the community was happy to see a settling of the conflict and the introduction of peace, especially since that seemed to blunt the momentum of protesters to get what they wanted. In a similar way, I have come to believe many groups will actively resist real understanding and peace, as something that will get in the way of accomplishing their own agenda.