Ten Simple Things We Can Do Immediately to Reduce Suicide: A Zero-Cost Public Mental Health Proposal

Jacob Z. Hess, Ph.D.

Despite all the valiant efforts to reduce suicide rates in the U.S., a study by the National Center for Health Statistics released in April of 2016 reported that suicide in the United States had surged to the highest levels in nearly 30 years, with an increase in every age group except older adults. The rise was especially pronounced in middle-aged women (up 63%) and middle-aged men (up 43%), with the overall suicide rate rising by 24 percent from 1999 to 2014.

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Relationships That Heal & Healing Relationships

The power of nurturing relationships to assist healing is legendary. Where relationships are fractured and strained, seeking reconciliation can also be a catalyst for even more healing. We’ve spoken about a great deal about external and internal work people describe in their journey of healing. Lest it seems so simple as “just get to work,”… Continue reading

Higher Connection and Deeper Healing

In addition to connecting more deeply with other loved ones around, many spoke of the impact of transcendent experiences and connections with the divine as a catalyst for deeper emotional healing. The role and value of human relationships in supporting healing is so widely known as to be beyond dispute. That is not the case… Continue reading

Concluding Thoughts

And there you have it. What do you think of the healing mural we just painted for you?  A quick review.  Looking back over the entirety of this review, there are at least ten major themes that stand out:  Hope in the possibility of deeper healing                             Learning and making small and large life adjustments The… Continue reading

If He Wins Again

I’m not going to vote for him. But I think he’s going to win again – President Donald Trump. This possibility that makes some gleeful, makes many others shudder in fear.  Yet 57% of Americans think it might just happen, even if they’re not personally supporting him. Though I (genuinely) understand some of the rationale… Continue reading