Consulting & Coaching

Starting this spring, I will be offering group (family/organization) consulting or individual coaching in two primary areas:

1. Navigating sociopolitical conflict with more generosity and grace.  Moving towards healthier, more productive disagreement across painful divides, especially religious and sexuality/identity conflicts. This will draw on both mindfulness practices (sitting with discomfort and turning towards tension) and dialogue best practices (prioritizing listening first, while still making space for conviction).

While I’m imagining organizations may be interested in this support, my primary interest is supporting marriages and families facing such conflict.

2. Pursuing (more) sustainable healing from mental health challenges.  I’m also available to help individuals or families grappling with depression, anxiety and other serious mental/emotional distress, and not fully satisfied with the help they’ve received to date.  I’m especially interested in working with people who feel like they have “done everything they know,” and are still just barely coping, and managing.  Let’s talk!

For some people (not all), their plan for more sustainable healing includes tapering off medication at some point.  Unfortunately, there is insufficient information, support and guidance out there on how to do this.  In the future, I will also be offering this coaching and consulting in this area as well – with additional training being pursued this year.  To be clear, it is only physicians who have the legal authority to specifically recommend that someone taper.  That is not my call.  It is also a decision someone may come to make for himself/herself.  The hope is is to make sure that someone who has made that decision has all the support they need in how to do it.  I can offer my own support as one part of someone’s plan that involves other professional supervision in taking this step gradually, carefully and safely.

For those looking for more immediate guidance in this area, check out Laura Delano’s Withdrawal Project as a great place to find more great information.  And for those looking for additional education, there was a great training that happened last year (recorded and available here) – and another set to begin in June – both available to both professionals and lay folks.

If interested in coaching or consulting in any of these areas, reach out to me at the contact form here.  Communication can happen via skype, phone, or using the Marco Polo app (video-based messaging).  We can determine cost on a case-by-case determination of how helpful you found my input and how much you can afford (I work on a sliding scale, and will not turn anyone away for financial need).