Come Back, Come Back, Wherever You Are

If I could only pick a single message to share with one group of people before my life was over, this would be it – a series I called, “Recruiting Alma the Younger,” in seven parts.  These are dedicated to my precious, amazing brothers and sisters who have stepped away from the Church of Jesus Christ, for whatever reason. I hope you’ll receive this in the spirit I wrote it (aka, we really do miss and love you!). As the boys’ band Take That once put it, we “want you back for good!

Here are the seven parts:

  1. Irreconcilable Faith Crisis? Or Faith Injury to Heal?
  2. Why Does It Hurt So Bad to Walk Away from the Church of Jesus Christ?
  3. It Wasn’t the Evidence that Broke Your Shelf
  4. Turning Something Very Good into Something Very Bad
  5. Does Progressive Teaching Represent a Higher Embrace of Jesus’s Gospel or a Misunderstanding of It?
  6. Come Back, Come Back, Wherever You Are
  7. New Heart, New Mind, New Year

No matter where you are, no matter how far your heart, mind and life have changed, it’s possible to come back.  Come home.  And find the sweetness, peace, and purpose you once used to enjoy among us. Oh, how so many of us are  praying for just that!  If you’d like to talk or visit about any of these, I’d enjoy meeting you.  Send me a note at

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